Mind Verses Find by Lee Hamilton Mollins

What do you want? What is it that will make you happy and fulfilled? Do you have any idea? Have you been thinking about it for so long that you’ve given up? Or are you struggling with life to make it be your way? Do you have a sense of unease that it just shouldn’t be like this? Does this negativity lead to anxiety, depression, fear?

Life does not need to be this way but you are living in slavery. You are trapped in a prison of concept whose bars, walls, ceiling and floor are made of thoughts. You are missing out on the precious gift of life because your reality is limited by conditioning, and with conditioning comes the inability to see the prison.

There is a way out. I promise you that there is a way out because I have found it, and so have many others. This book will help you realise:

  • You are the content of a thought, an illusory story in the head
  • You have access to an unlimited source of energy that you constantly miss because you are looking somewhere else
  • You can directly experience freedom from the mind through practice
  • You can live in a state of permanent joy irrespective of what is happening in your life
  • The deeper truth that you long for is real

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