Mind Body Miracle by Jaclyn Dunne

Don’t wait for a miracle. Be one.

Mind Body Miracle provides you with an easy-to-use toolkit of healthy habits and daily disciplines to get your mindset and body working at their best. Whether you need focus and clarity to achieve a goal, want to take the health of your mind and body to the next level, or are seeking strength in adversity, this book will help to support your transformation.

Mind Body Miracle will help you to:

Build healthy new habits and disciplines into your daily routine.

Optimise your mind and body by making small changes that get BIG results.

Use simple but powerful tools that will provoke life-changing results.

Realise that you already have all you need to become the best version of you.

It’s time to stop looking for the next ‘quick fix’ or fad that promises the earth and doesn’t deliver.

You have everything you need now. Inside your mind and inside your body and inside this book.

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