Manage The Gap – by Steve Butler

Are You Ready for The Demographic Revolution?
Over the last few years, business has had to navigate a technology revolution that has utterly transformed the workplace. Now another revolution is underway: a demographic one.

Dealing with these changes presents significant challenges to business managers. Different generations bring with them different skills and assets… and attitudes towards work.

How will that change the way you manage your people? How will it impact upon the kind of training you give them, the benefits you offer, the hours you ask them to work, and the way they should work together?

Get it wrong, and you’ll be trying to herd cats… all going in opposite directions. Get it right and you can have the best of all worlds: an intergenerational workforce that makes the most of its diverse talents, creativity and experience.

Manage The Gap, is a practical guide for leaders and managers who want to build a business that’s fit for the future. Read this book to:

  • Understand how to engage with, and motivate, younger people
  • Effectively manage workers who are older than you
  • Develop a management style fit for all generations
  • Structure business processes, benefits and communications that work for all
  • Successfully support your multigenerational workforce to do their best work
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