Making Waves – by Ben Pinnington

Do you want to raise awareness and win more business in the global maritime industry?

Making Waves is an insider’s guide to public relations in the international maritime sector. It sets out in clear, practical steps how you can harness the power of PR to build your profile, win business and prevent crises.

Read this book to reap seven rewards of public relations:

  • Improve reputation: Learn how to influence attitudes and behaviours and build good relations.
  • Grow awareness: Boost your profile in the local, national and international maritime press and on social media.
  • Create opportunities: Reach a global audience beyond the limits of your existing network.
  • Work with key people: Build the profile of your senior team as key people of influence in your niche.
  • Increase value: Improve the value of your business and increase your price points.
  • Protect your business: Shield your business from crises through planning.
  • Find higher purpose: Identify an inspiring ethos and bold message that will galvanise your team, clients and stakeholders.
  • Drive real change in your industry.
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