Lose Weight. Feel Great. Get in Shape. – By Michael Brigo

Do you want to get in shape but feel like real life keeps getting in the way?

Women today are under more pressure and have less free time than previous generations as they struggle to meet the high expectations placed on modern mothers. It’s no wonder that losing weight can feel like an impossible challenge, but no matter how busy you are with kids, work and life, this book will show you how to take control of your health and feel good about yourself.

Read this book to:

  • Live with more confidence, strength, vitality and joy, whether you’re a new mum, raising children or going through the menopause
  • Make small, impactful changes and build better habits to look and feel great for life
  • Kickstart your fitness routine to live a healthy lifestyle and feel good inside and out
  • Improve how you eat and lose weight without ever going on a diet
  • Learn how to overcome common obstacles and achieve your wellbeing goals
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