Life Journeys by Chris Thorby

When you think of the future do you worry? Do you wonder how you, and the world itself, can manage to cope with all its threats and problems? Are we just helpless, like pebbles on a beach being swirled along by forces we cannot control? Is it true that for many people these pressures are removing a sense of meaning from their lives?

This compelling book uses the lessons of history to find realistic approaches to today’s problems through examples passed down to us from those who’ve gone before. In doing so, Life Journeys guides non-experts through the best new thinking on history, science and religion, pointing out how they are converging in ways that can help us to move forward.

When you read this book you will also learn how to create a more fulfilling life, make a difference, and pass on what you discover to those who follow. Pebbles on the beach … yes. Trapped and lost … no!

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