Liberating Leadership by Ali Stewart and Dr Derek S Biddle

What do effective leaders do differently, that creates high performance?

Your people are your greatest source of competitive advantage. How you lead and develop them cannot be left to chance. If you fail to do this, you could be out of a job or risk closing the doors of your business forever. Liberating Leadership is an award-winning programme, capable of delivering significant improvements in bottom line performance, in all types of business. If you are responsible for leading people this book is a must! It provides the blue-print for leading and developing high performance by:

  • Dramatically improving levels of motivation and engagement
  • Defining a proven plan to quickly diagnose problems, leading to performance improvements
  • Equipping leaders with vital tools they didn’t know they needed
  • Allowing leaders to lead with strength and dignity, confident they are on the right track
  • Powerfully pulling all leadership lessons together in one place.
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