Lead With Confidence – The Workbook by Ben Green

A companion to the best-selling book LEAD WITH CONFIDENCE this 64 page workbook will guide you through the initial days, weeks and months of your promotion to a senior role.

Twenty-five in-depth exercises allow you to coach yourself using the same framework that the author uses in his one-to-one coaching programmes.

Use this book to take a deep dive into each of the five principles of the A-CODE. It will give you the tools to take control, focus on key actions, and stand out as a highly competent, credible and confident leader.

  • Completing this workbook will give you a personal and professional development plan for: Creating strong alliances with the people who matter
  • Building your confidence and competence on a daily basis
  • Getting organised so your workflow is smooth and stress-free
  • Aligning your personal and professional vision so you lead authentically
  • Designing a work-life rhythm that boosts, rather than depletes, your energy

This book empowers newly-appointed senior managers to quickly get to grips with their responsibilities and ensure inner turmoil is a thing of the past.

If you have you been promoted to a senior role, you sometimes feel like an impostor or the excitement of your promotion is tinged with doubt then this workbook is for you.

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