Kindred Spirits by Lucy McCarraher

(Mo Mozart mystery #2)

Mo Mozart, with her GP husband Jack and two young children, moves from Crystal Palace to rural Norfolk in pursuit of the perfectly balanced lifestyle. Their idyllic farmhouse, though, holds dark family secrets that date back decades – to when Dottie Hammond moved from London to become a World War Two Land Girl on a farm surrounded by Norfolk’s RAF/USA Airbases.

Mo’s happy country life starts to unravel when Jack is accused of abusing a young patient and her daughter, Lily, develops an imaginary friend from the 1940s. With help from both town and country friends, experiences of past and present and Dottie’s wartime diary, Mo exposes the unresolved events that have haunted the village of Great Haddeston for seventy years. In the process she sorts out complex family issues that revolve around Jack’s adoption and his glamorous birth mother.

Kindred Spirits is the second Mo Mozart book; the first is Blood and Water.

“Hugely impressed by Lucy McCarraher’s prose, and by the diligence and erudition of both the plotting and research. There’s a strong sense throughout of a writer who has truly engaged with her characters and with the period. It was a pleasure to re-enter Mo’s world – she’s a very sympathetic character.” – Will Atkins, Macmillan New Writing

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