Jonny Hates Marketing by Jonny Cooper

99 Ways To Get Your Ideal Clients Chasing You Without Spending A Penny On Advertising, Working Like A Dog Or Losing Your Mind.

Ever wondered how to find ideal clients for your coaching, training, therapy or consultancy business organically, without paying for advertising?

Or, even better, to have clients actually chasing you?

In Jonny Hates Marketing you’ll find 99 bite-sized hacks, tips and strategies designed to ignite your practice and put your life of abundance within reach.

You’ll discover:

  • The Three Pillars of Efortless Marketing
  • The Diference Between Strategies and Tactics
  • Why Most Coaches Never Earn What they are Worth
  • How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Social Media
  • What You MUST have in Place BEFORE you Start Marketing

…and much more!

Jonny Hates Marketing could be the only guide you’ll ever need to build a thriving practice.

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