Inspire, Influence, Sell – by Justin Leigh

There are 21 million professional salespeople in the world. Research shows that 55% of them don’t have the right skills or training to be successful. That’s over 11 million people who haven’t developed the necessary skills or been provided with the right training to do their job well.

Inspire, Influence, Sell aims to address this gap, by teaching sales professionals and team leaders the right psychology, skills and systems to sell more effectively, for the benefit of their clients, their business and themselves.

Read this book to learn:

• The attitude and psychology of the highest-performing businesspeople on the planet

• Key selling skills, including building deep rapport, questioning, listening, negotiating and many more

• A proven sales process, from initiating meaningful first contact, through to developing loyal, lifelong clients

• How to continually develop and grow to achieve your highest potential

• The road map to exponential sales growth and a thriving career in sales and business development

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