Insights Into Liberating Leadership by Ali Stewart

How to become a great leader and create a lasting legacy

Are you a business owner, leader or entrepreneur… who finds managing people your biggest headache?

Then this book is the solution to your problems. Leaders in charge of a team, or building a team around them, often find that some people just don’t behave as expected:

  • some don’t work well with others,
  • some don’t like the hours or where they sit,
  • some consistently arrive late and miss deadlines,
  • some cause more problems than they solve.

The leader can get wrapped up in dealing with issues of morale and engagement. They begin to wonder why they bother employing people at all. This book is your perfect guide to managing and leading people.

It will:

  • Give you a fool-proof guide for developing a highly motivated dream team
  • Free you up to be more strategic and do what you’re good at
  • Stop you becoming distracted and ground down with ‘people’ issues
  • Provide you with a superb, proven system for leading people to success
  • Enable you to keep people happy, productive and engaged.
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