Insider Secrets of Public Speaking by Nadine Dereza and Ian Hawkins

Published 26th August 2014

More frightening than spiders, death and clowns, speaking in public is an essential life skill. Whether you’re planning your first presentation to a client, speaking at a family occasion, or about to deliver your five hundredth speech at a conference, this book reveals the answers to fifty of the biggest questions that real people ask about public speaking of all kinds.

Practical and powerful advice from two experts, Insider Secrets of Public Speaking will tell you how to express yourself with confidence and authenticity, without sacrificing your individuality, whatever the occasion and whoever you are.

Insider Secrets of Public Speaking:

  •  Reveals the pitfalls in public speaking and how to avoid them
  •  Explains the three principles of Authenticity, Authority and Audience
  •  Will make you more confident, professional and engaging as a speaker
  •  Helps you find your own style to deliver a compelling message.

Nadine Dereza is an experienced international presenter, award winning journalist and conference host. She has presented for BBC, Sky TV, SABC, CNN, Simply Money and Summit TV.

Ian Hawkins is an award winning speaker, writer, and presenter. He has written for and appeared on radio and TV, on both sides of the Atlantic. Through PS Programmes, Nadine and Ian deliver Presentation Skills, TV & Radio Media Training, and Crisis Media Management programmes. Based on their solid experience, these programmes allow them to pass on the skills, tips and techniques that they have observed and put into practice over years. They have coached politicians, Olympians and CEOs on the craft of public speaking.

‘Goes direct to the questions that trouble experienced as well as new speakers. Good, clear, straight advice, exceptionally well-written.’ –Matthew Parris, Journalist, Author & Broadcaster

‘Should be universally used by speakers to ensure complete preparation for any event.’ –Nick Gold, MD, Speakers Corner ‘Good common sense but from the standpoint of real hands on experience.’ –Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP

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