Inclusive Design for Products – by Professor Jonathan Hassell

Most organisations are oblivious to, or terrified about, web accessibility.

You may be aware that 20% of your customers – people with disabilities – could be clicking away from your websites or mobile apps every day, without having bought anything or found the information they needed. You may have received complaints about accessibility problems you don’t understand, with people asking for what seem like impossible fixes. Your web teams may have read the industry standard WCAG guidelines, but found them impenetrable. You probably know you could be sued if you don’t do the right thing, but you don’t know how far you need to go to prevent that. And apart from eliminating risk, what else is in it for your organisation?

In this book, award-winning international accessibility thought-leader Jonathan Hassell shows you how to transform your organisation to consistently and cost-efficiently create websites, mobile apps and other digital products that are usable for all of your customers.

Inclusive Design for Products shows you how to embed accessibility into your software development lifecycle to turn it into a user-centred, inclusive design process that will help you efficiently deliver accessibility for all your digital products.

With insights from leading worldwide accessibility experts who have implemented these processes in their organisations, this book comes with a free library of downloadable support tools, templates, podcasts and videos to help you on your journey to accessibility maturity.

Inclusive Design for Products, and its companion, Inclusive Design for Organisations, will help you comply with both parts of the new International Standard ISO 30071-1.

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