In This Moment – by Jacqueline Shakespeare


The pressures of running a home and holding down a job can leave working mothers feeling overwhelmed and muddling their way through each day. Merely keeping on top of the responsibilities and to-do lists takes all of your time. Creating a life where you can enjoy each moment feels like an impossible dream.

Jacqueline Shakespeare is on a mission to change this and believes every working mother deserves to be contented in every area of their life. This warm-hearted book gives you simple to follow skills, principles and advice to help you on your journey to a calm and fulfilling life.

Read In This Moment to:

• Balance each area of your life harmoniously and without guilt

• Strengthen your mindset for a resilient, kind, and considered life

• Prioritise and create time for the things you enjoy

• Build meaning into your work and unlock your professional potential

• Be a role model for your children and those around you

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