If You Don’t Like Poetry Read This by Bill Austin

The bizarre title of my book may attract the curious to peruse the contents, as poetry.

Since times past were themed on history, nature and life, this pot pouri of verses has no rigid theme and may even entertain.

As a 90 year old retired radio engineer, my life revolved around the army and a pursuance of science and engineering. Being widowed twice prompted me, after the death of my first wife, to sell up in Morecambe and move to Blackburn, where I’ve lived for sixty years. Nursing my second wife up to her demise, doodling at my bureau, unable to leave her, I fed a stray cat that came each day. I had never tried to write verse before. My family liked the poem and so I went on from there. Thus my number of little poems increased along with other pastimes after my wife passed away. Severely disabled, I manage a minimal amount of gardening along with devising aids for other disabled people through my own company as an established inventor. Even at my age… life is wonderful.

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