I Don’t Work Fridays by Martin Norbury

Is There Really a Secret Formula to Serious Business Growth? Yes!

The problem is that it’s hidden in plain view, and yet most business owners never find it because they’re too busy searching in all the wrong places. There is a simple yet overlooked truth, and it has nothing to do with what every other business book will tell you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and adrift in a business fog, would like to scale your business but don’t know which way to go next, or feel you’re working harder just to stay still, read this book to discover:

  • Why the entrepreneur is the wrong person to grow their business and who should do it instead
  • The 5 key steps to scaling a business and how to make them happen
  • How to create a business that works for you instead of working for a business that owns you
  • When, how and why you should exit your business.

This book shares a story of successful start-ups, multi-million pound rescues and family tragedy before focusing on the practical ‘how-to’ for you so you can take the steps needed to take your business from where it is now into multiples of profit.

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