How To Survive Austerity by Mike Gill

A new public sector is emerging from the ashes of austerity.

Make sure you’re still here to see it. As a public sector manager you are the backbone of public service delivery but you now face the greatest challenge of your career because of this thing called austerity. A New Public Sector will emerge from the significant changes being driven by these cuts and, if you want to be part of it, it pays to be prepared. How To Survive Austerity is your essential manual if you want to deliver results in challenging times and improve your own chances of survival. This book provides you with a no-nonsense, 7-step framework to ensure you and your staff are ready for the challenge ahead. Read How To Survive Austerity and act on what you learn to:

  • Maximise your chances of surviving austerity
  • Present your service in the best way to all stakeholders
  • Get to grips with the significant changes taking place
  • Encourage the public to CHERISH your service
  • Prepare yourself, and your people, for the challenges ahead
  • Emerge as a leader in the New Public Sector.

If you’re being forced to do more with less, are under pressure to constantly justify budgets or simply want to be a proactive leader in these uncertain times, this book can help.

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