Honestly Speaking by Andrew Vine


The public world of conferences, conventions and client events and the private world of internal corporate briefings and leadership programmes combine to create an events industry as robust as ever. Yet, in an increasingly complex and challenging world, those tasked to think up agendas are under pressure to deliver real insights and fresh thinking. Increasingly, they turn to professional speakers, with varying levels of experience and success. If you need to hire professional speakers for your organisation or events, Honestly Speaking has been written just for you. It provides insider tips, advice and suggestions to help you successfully navigate the world of professional speaking and avoid costly mistakes, so you can hire with confidence. Honestly Speaking will provide all the tools you need to:

  • Create agendas that make you ‘look smart’ and ‘act smart’ in the eyes of your customers, partners, colleagues and shareholders by hiring the right speakers
  • Harness both the ‘pull-factor’ and the ‘wow-factor’ that speakers and moderators bring to events
  • Understand what really motivates speakers so that you can then manage them better and with more confidence
  • Plan a speaker engagement process right from the initial idea through to reviewing the success of the project
  • Effectively partner with speaker bureaus to save time, minimise the risks and maximise the results.

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