Grandpa on a Skateboard (Second Edition) by Tim Farmer

The introduction of the Mental Capacity Act (2005) provided health and legal professionals with a framework to assess and evaluate an individual’s ability to make a decision. Unfortunately, whilst the Act has provided a sound basis for the assessment of mental capacity, in practice mental capacity assessments are often misunderstood and poorly conducted.

Grandpa on a Skateboard is the first practical book for health and legal professionals’ that simplifies and explains the assessment process. Through the use of real life case studies and by providing clear, jargon free guidance it demystifies the assessment process and answers questions that other literature on the topic does not address. It will help you:

  1. Set the threshold of understanding that is necessary for every assessment
  2. Clearly define seemingly ambiguous phrases such as ‘unwise decisions’ and ‘the functional test’
  3. Record your assessment ensuring it stands up to legal scrutiny.

Grandpa on a Skateboard will give you the confidence and ability to conduct robust assessments whilst at the same time enabling you to provide the optimum outcome for those under your charge.

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