Gluten Free, Dairy Free by Caroline Osborne

a simple guide: an introduction to healthy cooking without wheat, milk, cheese or other allergens

More and more people are finding that they need to avoid gluten and dairy. Yet wheat, milk and cheese form a major part of the modern diet, especially in processed foods.

How do you manage without them?

This book will teach you how to cook confidently with the many natural wholefoods that are alternatives to wheat and dairy foods. It will show you that your new diet can actually be more varied and interesting than the old one, as well as better for you.

Find out how to…

  • Adapt your old recipes
  • Use a wide variety of naturally gluten free grains from around the world
  • Make gluten free, yeast free bread that’s ready to eat in only half an hour
  • Make gluten free pastry
  • Make your own substitutes for milk and cheese.
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