Get Unstuck – by André Radmall

Do you feel stuck in your relationships, your habits or your career?

If life is a performance, it can sometimes feel like we can’t even get close to the stage. We’re stuck with a script that doesn’t work and no idea of how to enact it. Get Unstuck contains a practical roadmap for you to change the scripts that block your way to freedom and allows you to step into the performance of your life.

Pivot into enacting new life stories and get unstuck from old or toxic scripts.

Read this book to:

  • Understand how stories are put together and how to make new scripts for a fulfilling life
  • Get the tools to implement new scripts
  • Gain confidence from case studies about the life-changing effects of getting unstuck
  • Discover that change doesn’t have to take years – it can happen NOW, with astounding results
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