Get It, Understand It, Get Ahead by James Taylor

How To Develop Exceptional Personal Skills

Only a few special people have that little extra something which defines them as exceptional people. Can these skills be acquired?

Yes they can, and here is your opportunity to acquire them. If you read and apply the contents of this book, working through the exercises in each section, you will ‘get it’, and you will evolve into a person with outstanding people skills.

This is a book which looks at personal development from a completely practical angle, setting the reader many exercises in order for them to develop new ways of speaking and relating. ‘Get it’ explains how we can become much more powerful people by examining our behaviour, our language use, and our appearance. You, the reader, will be involved throughout, developing these as you progress through the book.

To fully achieve our personal goals, we need exceptional communication skills, and we also need a complete knowledge of how others work. We need this because this will not only enable us to bring out the best in others, but will also enable us to deal effectively with manipulators, liars, and bullies. All these characters and the relevant skills needed to handle them with ease are thoroughly studied in this book, along with communication skills which will make you inspiring to everyone you meet and leave you immune to any verbal sabotage. Naturally, you will be highly respected for these skills, and you will rise to the higher end of the social spectrum. Here is the workbook of contemporary social skills – the workbook everyone has been waiting for.

James Taylor has a no-nonsense approach. There is no metaphor here, just a book full of immensely useful exercises and advice, from areas as diverse as pragmatics, philosophy, NLP, hypnosis, counselling, persuasion, grammar and linguistics, seduction, and many other areas of popular psychology. Skilled use of language is crucial to enable us to reach the pinnacle of interpersonal skill, so there is an additional supplementary language study workbook available to offer more practice exercises and discussion.

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