Game Changer by Linda Everett

How to take control and increase your confidence,personal power and business success

Whatever is holding you back, reclaim your power and start changing the game!

No matter where you are in your business or career, or how frustrating life seems, you have the power to change your outcomes and achieve your vision of success. Step-by-step, Game Changer shows you how to take control and increase your confidence, personal power and business success. Learn how to…

  • Identify what you really want
  • Develop a clear vision of success
  • Recognise your secret wealth
  • Overcome fear and self-sabotage
  • Be an effective, confident communicator
  • Stay focused and get the results you want
  • Transform your energy and well-being
  • Feel confident and empowered
  • Be the game changer in your business or career
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