From Mercenaries To Missionaries by Martin Murphy

Designing, Developing and Leading High Performing Teams in Your Growing Business

Exploring the elite team concept with lessons gleaned from the Special Forces, and injecting those qualities into the workplace, is a sure-fire way to create a thriving business. If you’re a business owner and want to achieve results in a way that feels great, this book is for you. It presents a compelling new methodology enabling you to design, develop and lead high-performing, autonomous teams. You’ll learn how to:

  • Inject clarity, cohesion and commitment into your organisation
  • Understand three powerful and fundamental principles of leadership
  • Eliminate the friction that occurs within a growing team
  • Boost your power to influence and communicate effectively
  • Leverage the full creative potential of your team
  • Develop the three core skills necessary for exponential results
  • Build an organisation that’s fit for purpose in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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