Forget Me Not by Carol McKee Jones

A prize-winning story of forgetting, remembering and identity.

Forget-me-not is an atmospheric mystery with a romantic edge set mainly In Southern Ireland. Ruth awakens after an accident and finds herself on a boat in a cove. She is cared for by Ben, who, like Ruth, is from Belfast. At first, Ruth has no recollection of her past life. However, as memories gradually filter in, she wonders if Ben is who he claims to be and whether he can be trusted. ‘I know that the sea is clear, it has no colour. With the guile of a chameleon, it reflects back the weather and landscape. Like the sea, my mind is clear.’

“Carol Jones’ outstandingly well-written first novel so brilliantly conveys Ruth’s devastating memory loss and unusual situation, but it was my growing suspicion that recovery might lead to something even worse that kept me turning page after page.” – James Ferron Anderson, award-winning author of The River And The Sea

“This is a timely story. Part thriller, part exploration of the complex nature of memory, what we remember, what we forget, and why.” – Amanda Addison, author, Laura’s Handmade Life

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