Follow Your Heart and Take Action by Tim Han

Are you struggling in your personal life? Struggling to create financial freedom? Struggling to nurture meaningful relationships? Struggling to make your big dreams come true? Every day we’re being mis-guided and mis-taught. The result of all this bad direction is that our dreams are getting further and further away from us. Our sense of hope and inspiration is being replaced by anger and jealousy. Yet the solution is surprisingly simple.

It all comes down to the Seven Secrets that Tim discovered from hanging out with the world’s most successful people. People who made the impossible possible. This book will show you how to:

Leap towards your dreams and create the life you were born to live (even if you don’t know where to start), identify the everyday toxins that are poisoning your mind (then detox to effortlessly attract positive energy instead), gain unstoppable confidence and the power to achieve any goals (even if you’re really shy), conquer your fear and transform your life (it’s not just talking yourself up).

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