Flourish by Bianca Best

Does ‘me time’ sound mythical?

Is ‘having it all’ an exhausting joke?

Are you forever seeking space to breathe?

Flourish provides you with a simple plan to avoid burnout, maintain balance and live life as your most productive, fulfilled and happiest self. Whether you’re after that business win, seeking more quality family time, at a transitional point in your life or just want to stop collapsing into bed at the end of each day, the Energy-SCAPE model will help you hop off life’s treadmill and achieve rapid success in the areas of your life that matter most. Through deep self-awareness, conscious cleansing, positive habits and purposeful action, this book will teach you how to honour your personal energy flow to unleash your best self.

Flourish is a transformational guide for ambitious women buffeted by the whirlwind of modern life. Read this book and learn how to:

Love life again, enjoying maximum impact without burnout

Feel naturally energised and invigorated

Create more time and joy with effective prioritisation and stress-busting

Build habits that honour your values and help you reach your potential

Step into your dream tomorrow by shedding everything holding you back today

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