Five Star Formula by Joy Zarine

How would it feel to always be fully booked with happy guests who love what you do in your restaurant, bar or hotel?

For five star businesses this is a daily reality. Their businesses create raving fans, receive five star reviews, win awards and have employees who are dedicated to the prosperity and future of the business. With numerous success stories, hospitality and guest experience expert Joy Zarine understands how to transform hospitality venues and empower them to brand, scale, be profitable and win awards. This book shows you how to transform your business and build a highly successful, restaurant, bar or hotel that both your guests and employees feel passionate about.

When you read The Five Star Formula you will gain a deeper understanding of the vital ingredients of success:

  • CLARITY – understanding where your business is now and creating a clear vision of the business you want to build
  • CULTURE – creating a culture that attracts and rewards passionate and dedicated employees
  • CUSTOMER – identifying and appealing to the ideal guests your business needs to succeed
  • CREATIVITY – finding your unique offering so you can stand out from the competition and make your mark
  • COMMENDATIONS – winning awards for your business and enjoying the benefits of award-winning status for years to come

If you want to build a profitable, scalable and exceptional business while transforming your guest experiences you need to read this book.

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