From Fear to Love by Red Miller

Birth is one of the major events of our life, one that shapes our identity, both for the mother giving birth and the baby being born.

This book is for pregnant mothers who wish to experience the healthiest, most joyful and nurturing birth experience possible.

Read Fear to Love and practice what’s inside in order to:

  • Identify your fears and discover the secrets they hold to empower and transform your birth experience
  • Develop a self-nurturing plan that will enhance your body’s ability to nourish and grow a healthy baby
  • Work with your pain guides and increase your capacity to cope with the intensity of labour
  • Minimise birth interventions like c-section, episiotomies, vacuums, forceps, and labour induction
  • Inspire your birth partner to step up and play an active role
  • Understand your unborn baby’s wishes to create the ultimate birth team

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