Extraordinary – by Elke Edwards


We are at a turning point in history. Our old ideas of a successful life or career no longer fit. Pursuing money at all costs, working all hours, never admitting vulnerability or being our authentic selves… these are the exact behaviours that have led us to a global leadership crisis and record levels of anxiety and depression.

The truth is we know there’s a difference between living a life where things look good on the outside, and one where we feel incredible on the inside. We want careers we love, relationships that work and lives that are right for us. It is time for a different path.

In this game-changing book, top leadership coach Elke Edwards draws on decades of experience to share the seven transformative skills that enable anyone to build a life that feels as good as it looks. Her down-to-earth guidance and tried-and-tested exercises will help you find the life that is right for you, and crucially, make it happen. Because whether you’re a school leaver or a CEO, 15 or 55, you can live an extraordinary life and become an extraordinary leader.

Are you ready to find your extraordinary?

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