Executive Excellence – by Koralia and Nicos Timotheou

Do you aspire to further develop your organisational, management and leadership ability and succeed in whichever executive post or situation you find yourself?
Do you want to succeed in creating and delivering outstanding value?
Then, this is your ultimate guide to achieving Executive Excellence!
Executive Excellence will help you to excel in your role and drive business success by creating and delivering extraordinary value to the delight of the organisation’s customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders.
Read this book and deepen your knowledge on:
• What comprises the 21st-century executive’s world: business models, value streams, enterprise architectures and generic subprocesses
• Process management approaches and how they are exercised by successful executives
• The essence and differences of the management process and the leadership process, and how successful executives practise and combine them
• Developing your organisational, management and leadership competences and competencies to become an even more successful executive
Executive Excellence is an essential manual for executives at all levels, from the aspiring young MBA graduate, to the executive who is running a department or a project, to the chief executive who is heading a division or organisation.
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