Eight Figure Entrepreneur – by Paul Luen

Eight Figure Entrepreneur provides the tools to rapidly strengthen and grow your business while working less.

From focussing on personal development and creating a workplace culture that attracts the best to understanding the pillars of growth and maximising capacity while adapting to the market, it’s all underpinned by discovering who you are and what you truly stand for.

Read this book to:

• Examine your purpose and rebalance your life to create a clear plan for fulfilling your dreams
• Understand the personal development mindset and focus that are crucial to eight-figure business success and living a rich and adventurous life
• Learn how to win the talent war and develop and retain the superstars to drive your business forwards, giving you the freedom to do what you love
• Learn the process to build and leverage assets for massive commercial gain
• Become an inspirational leader of multiple purpose-driven enterprises that excite you and everyone in them

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