Ego – by Mary Gregory

Ego manifests in many forms and can compromise our ability to fully engage with others. In order to build trusting relationships, today’s leaders need to understand how to manage their own egos, as well as others’. Equipped with these skills, leaders can encourage people to feel engaged and empowered while unlocking innovation and creating positive working environments.

This book is packed with insightful leadership stories, useful psychological models and reflective activities and exercises to enable leaders to better understand themselves and the different dynamics at play in their relationships, allowing them to effectively manage the many challenges faced in today’s workplace.

This book will help you:

  • Understand your ego and how it does and doesn’t serve you
  • Navigate tricky relationship dynamics and create greater levels of engagement
  • Develop strategies for transcending unhelpful ego reactions and behaviour
  • Enable greater levels of psychological safety in your workplace


  • Be a leader who creates a culture that empowers others to perform at their best
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