Doing IT For Money by Stewart Marshall

Are you a business leader who (whisper it softly…) doesn’t really ‘get’ IT?

Are you aware of the need for IT within your business, but don’t know enough to start leveraging all that modern technology has to offer?

You are not alone!

In Doing IT For Money Stewart Marshall gives you five core principles you can use to support your future decision-making. This book will tell you all about the fundamentals of business IT, and show you how something you once thought of as a cost and a drain on resources is actually an asset and the core of your business.

  • When you’ve read this book, you will understand how to:
  • Use technology as the foundation for your business
  • Provide the tools your employees need to do things more accurately and efficiently
  • Engage with your customers and prospects to deliver a superior customer lifetime value
  • Provide the IT strength your business needs to build for the future
  • Actively seek out the opportunities that digital transformation presents
  • Energise your team and enhance your profit per person

If you are curious, ambitious and determined to succeed in the future, this book is for you.

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