Do Business in Angola by Ricardina Pederneira

Since 2002, Angola has been an attractive country for investment and is a key emerging market.

If you’re an investor, business owner or entrepreneur and would like to be able to trade and work in this exciting country then Do Business in Angola is your must-have resource. Do Business in Angola Will:

  • Provide guidance on which sectors, other than oil and gas, are ripe for investment due to increasing diversification in the Angolan market
  • Answer questions you may have about security, corruption, bureaucracy, transportation, currency, the legal system, visas and culture
  • Dispel the common myths about doing business in Angola based on a legal expert’s first-hand experience
  • Uncover the common challenges faced by businesses investing in Angola with case studies demonstrating how other investors have overcome them
  • Give you essential resources, facts and contacts all in one place, so you can confidently set up business in Angola and avoid the pitfalls.

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