David and Goliath by Ian Retallick

Independent Retailers are facing their biggest challenge since the rise of the National Chains in the 1930s

Today, giant online retailers and national chain stores have an insatiable need to gobble up market share on an unprecedented level. In the meantime, smaller bricks-and-mortar retailers have become convenient showrooms for the internet giants, where customers can view and handle the products, seek the expertise of the staff, and then buy the exact same product online for a fraction of the cost.

With higher overheads and fewer resources, how can you compete, thrive and build a prosperous business?

David and Goliath will help you to:

  • Become the face of your business so that customers want to buy from you
  • Stand out from your competition by becoming a specialist retailer
  • Offer exclusive, curated products and services that the giants can’t match
  • Attract the right customers with a powerful and compelling message
  • Make more sales and reclaim market share from the greedy giants

 You can fight back and win! This book is your secret weapon.

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