Cracking The Data Code by Mike Bugembe

The notion that all you need is a technically competent data team in order to succeed in generating value from data is popular but totally wrong.

Every organisation needs to do something with data to remain competitive. You can hire the most technically competent team, pay for all the top technology, build the most sophisticated algorithms, and yet still fail to see value from data. This is because unlocking value from data is no longer a technical challenge but a leadership one.

This book, a product of over a decade of research, introduces the leadership keys to enable you to meet your strategic objectives by helping you:

  • Demystify the unnecessarily complicated data jargon
  • Develop a plan that links data and AI directly to your business outcomes
  • Prepare the organisation for success by making the necessary team, and cultural, changes
  • Applying the principles outlined in this book will transform your business and accelerate the growth of your

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