Choosing To Stay by Mo Haque

Being diagnosed with cancer is frightening; learning that the cancer is late stage takes that fear to unknown depths.

After a year of brutal treatment, Mo Haque heard the dreaded words, ‘There is nothing else we can do for you.’ His cancer was terminal and left him questioning the price we put on life.

Three years on from the ‘small chance’ of survival the experts had given him, Mo shares his incredible story: of despair and suffering, of hope and healing, of vulnerability and authenticity.

This book is for anyone going through the most challenging of times. When you read Choosing To Stay, Mo hopes you will:

  • Appreciate the gift of choice in any moment, however dire the circumstances
  • Understand you aren’t alone in your pain, and that your suffering has meaning
  • See that your life is a masterpiece when you connect the dots
  • Feel the power of hope and love that exists throughout the world
  • Know that you are enough and that you are worthy

If you want to live an empowered new life, liberated and full of meaning, this book takes you there.

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