Bulletproof Entrepreneur by Paul N Miller

How To Stay Fit and Healthy While Running Your Business

As a busy entrepreneur, do you find yourself working all the hours under the sun striving for success? Do you lack energy, time and motivation to exercise?Are you getting by on convenience foods and caffeine? Does stress take its toll on your body? Has the fun in your life dried up? You may want to be successful but how far are you willing to test the resilience of your health in order to achieve it? What if you could be successful AND stay healthy at the same time?

Now there is a way.

This book outlines the five key steps to achieve your best health yet and a thriving business:

  1. Giving your life and work MEANING by ascertaining your core values
  2. Understanding the importance of MOVEMENT to avoid injury and fatigue;
  3. Being MINDFUL of the MEALS that you eat on a day to day basis;
  4. Learning how to MANAGE time and stress effectively;
  5. Reclaiming a little bit of MADNESS back in your life.

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