Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Steve Brennan

The Mindsets And Methods of Businesses That Dominate Their Sectors Online

Why do some businesses dominate online whilst others constantly play catch up?

Will your digital marketing strategy make you the most visible business in your sector?

Digital marketing remains a relatively new discipline and most organisations are still learning how best to achieve the visibility they need online.

This book is your blueprint for building your own best practice digital marketing strategy so that yours can be the business that wins the most leads and sales in your sector. Read this book to learn:

  • The five mindsets of digital marketers – and the one mindset the winners in each sector always adopt
  • The four elements that are always in place when a business is dominating its sector online
  • How to build a foundation of great digital assets to enable best-in-class digital marketing in your organisation
  • How achieving mastery in strategic digital marketing also makes for a great career path and a great lifestyle

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