Bookbuilder – by Lucy McCarraher & Joe Gregory

Nothing sells you like a book … but it had better be a good book!

If you want to create a powerful non-fiction book that serves and attracts your ideal clients while positioning you as the go-to expert in your industry, you need to rethink your entire approach to planning and writing your book.

Using a unique approach that has been honed over years of working directly with entrepreneur authors, Lucy and Joe show you exactly how to position and structure your book, what to include, how to accelerate the writing process and ultimately write a book that will transform your business while improving the lives of your readers.

Bookbuilder gives you the tools to:

• Position and name your book for maximum impact through the 3 Ps

• Clarify your book’s vision and purpose with the AUTHOR framework

• Craft the perfect introduction via the PLAN model

• Construct your book piece-by-piece based on the BUILD blueprint

• Get your book written without the fuss using the WRITER process

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