Be the Leader You Want to See – by Susie Ramroop

Are you waiting for a role model before you advance your career? Looking for another leader to go first and frustrated that it’s taking so long?

You are that leader. Now is the time to show it.

Most leadership books teach you what to fix, but you aren’t broken; you simply
need to unlock the gold mine of talent you already possess and remarket it for the greatest impact.

In three parts this book will bring:

1. Awareness

  • Break free from the agonising search for fulfilment
  • Silence your inner impostor who has kept you playing small

2. Bravery

  • Bring all of who you are to work
  • Develop the courage to speak up for what you want, and get it

3. Contribution

  • Make the important decisions that truly move the needle
  • Generate more progress without investing more time
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