Awaken Your Alpha by Adam Lewis Walker

Tales and Tactics to Thrive

Are you a man who has a desire to be more and do more to create your freedom?

Do you feel the ‘comfort zone’ is slowly killing you; that you are not fully using your gifts to lead a life of impact?

 Do you want to be the best example of you that you can possibly be?

The power to Awaken Your Alpha is within you; it is within all of us. This power comes in being present daily with your inner strength and true self. Unlocking and accessing your Alpha more often and to a higher level will change what you can physically and mentally achieve, and guide you to operate from a position of inner power and confidence.

Drawing on hours of interviews with high-achieving men from around the globe, Adam shares mindset keys and strategies to overcome adversity, live with significance and thrive as a man. Read this book to:

  • Uncover insights from inspiring men about what they have done to succeed
  • Gain the awareness and mindset to overcome adversity, rise up and lead
  • Discover physical, mental and financial actions to get momentum
  • Master strategies for greater confidence, presence and fulfilment
  • Achieve more, experience epic adventures and build your legacy

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