Winners – New Novels 2012

RETHINK PRESS is delighted to announce the short list and winners of our New Novels Competition 2012.

We had a very good number of entries from the UK and USA and the standard was extremely high. With difficulty, we shortlisted 10 entries, out of which our judges picked the three winners and highly commended two more.

The Winners


The Winner of the Rethink Press New Novels 2012 Competition is JAMES FERRON ANDERSON for his novel, The River And The Sea.

A story of love and hate, set in 1918 in a dying enclave of end-of-Empire Britishness on the Thompson River and in 1920 in a cabin on the Thelon River, Canada, The River And The Sea drew the following comments from the judges:

“The writing is elegantly simple. The author knows what they are doing and it shows. They understand the arc of storytelling, there is neither too much description, nor not enough. We have some beautifully weighted sentences, for the most part a subtle lyricism, and a real control of language on display. It took me to a time and place I know nothing of; I felt quite transported to the Canadian winter… very atmospheric, very well done.”

The River and The Sea will be published in a Rethink Press Ultimate Publishing Package contract, worth £1,999, on and in paperback, hardback and kindle editions before the end of 2012.


The Winner of the Best East Anglian Novel is ANGELA LAWRENCE for her novel, Rumour.

Based on a true story from World War l, Rumour explores how a rural society is torn apart by the conflict, how an honourable man is betrayed by those he loved and trusted and how, in wartime, personal liberties and rights can count for nothing. The judges said that this entry:

 “Conveys a sense of narratorial authority and instills trust in me as a reader. It is a voice that knows what it is doing, that enlightens both scene and characters. I felt the heat and could feel the convention swirling about me in the dusty landscape. Very evocative, very poignant – a moving conjuring of a lost rural world. There are also points of supreme beauty and this passage put a little tear in my eye… “

Rumour will be published in a Rethink Press Professional Publishing Package contract, worth £1,499.


The Runner Up is KERI BEEVIS for her novel, Dead Letter Day.

In 1994, the Alphabet Killer, Professor Rodney Boone, murdered eight students. The victims – ‘A’ to ‘H’ – were each found with their surname initial carved into their neck. Victim ‘I’ narrowly escaped the killer, leaving him to burn to death. Three years later, rookie police officer Rebecca Angell is thrown headlong into assisting an FBI investigation when a body is found floating in the sewer, bearing the initial ‘J’.

The judges said: “The plotting is seamlessly embedded…  the use of narrative structure is skilful, not easy to do, and well-paced. Great characters and good contrast between the two cops. I love the interplay between the three stories in the opening extract; the way that we grow intrigued by Justine, but suspect that she’ll be the next victim; the relationship between the officers; and the way the killer will emerge.”

Dead Letter Day will be published in a Rethink Press Essential Publishing Package contract, worth £999.


Highly Commended

DAVID BLAXILL for his novel, The Jaffa Cake Man

“Very distinctive. Smart. Funny, arrogant as only teenagers can be, but also not holding back on the awkwardness and angst of teenagehood either. I love the period detail, very funny and also nostalgic. The sixties is everywhere.”

JACQUELINE JAMES for her novel, Silly Games

“The first person voice and character of Laura is excellent. She’s clever, well-meaning, but frustrated and this therefore leaves her open to Danny’s manipulation. Cracking writing. Contemporary and believable.”

Short Listed


BOB HARVEY for Losing Time  – “I loved the opening and the house falling into the sea.”

MARGARET KISS for Stubbing Out  – “An interesting and original premise. Lots of potential.”

R F MARAZAS for Dimensions In Ego – “Clean and sharp with flashes of descriptive flair.”

HAMISH MCLEOD for Quinn –  “A delightful surprise. Unexpected. Changing gear.”

GRAHAM WEBB for The Cadwallader Memoirs“Good voice. Flowing, beautifully poised writing.”

The Event

You are invited to meet the Winners and the Judges of the Rethink Press New Novels 2012 Competition on Tuesday 20th November at 12.30pm at the Millennium Library, Norwich. There will be a short presentation and the Winners will read extracts from their novels.

For more information and updates about this and future competitions, publication of the winning novels, tips, quips and quotes on writing and publishing, please come and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

The Judges

 Rethink Press thanks the Judges, Amanda Addison, Keiron Pim, Sam Ruddock and Cate Sweeney for their time, hard work, professionalism, incisive analysis and perceptive comments.

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