Debt Hope

Down and dirty survival strategies

Mark S Hankins

Debt Problems Don’t Go Away By Themselves … If you have serious debt problems it may seem like every credit card company has the upper hand. You may think that your only choices are bankruptcy, some excruciating credit counselling regime, or a shady debt settlement company. Nothing can be further from the truth! You’re in a War … And the Enemy Wants Your Wallet Creditors are hard at work every day figuring out how to get the most money out of you. They use psychology, economic research, modeling, and their vast experience to find the strategies and tactics that will squeeze the last penny out of every one of their debtors. If You Want To Survive, You Need To Get Smart and Learn To Fight Back! Inside this hands-on debt survival manual you will discover… * How to sort debt you should pay first from debt you will be better off never paying * What to demand of every creditor to whom you are paying a debt * Smart ways to pay your debts and ways you should never, ever pay * Why most books on debt have a hidden agenda that’s not in your best interests * How collectors try to manufacture “proof” you owe them a debt * Dirty tricks creditors use to get around the statute of limitations * How depositing a $1.55 check can cost you everything in your bank account * What to do after you pay a judgment, and why you may want to delay doing it * Credit card offers you should never, ever accept * How turning eighteen can put you suddenly deep into debt * Why your parent’s nursing home stay can mean you owe debt you never signed for * The truth about foreclosures and why you may not owe a mortgage deficiency * How to settle a debt … even when the other side hasn’t agreed to it * Why using the statute of limitations to defend against a creditor should be a last resort * Why some debts can never be sued on * Why some “debt resolution” companies should be avoided

  • ISBN: 9781907498527
  • Pages: 224
  • Published: February 2011

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