Barefoot Business

3 key systems to attract more leads, win more sales and delight more customers without your business killing you

Pieter K de Villiers

IS YOUR BUSINESS HOLDING YOU PRISONER? If you, like many other business owners, are swamped by the day to day, trying to find a different way to work. If you feel that your business is running you or taking over your life, then this book is for you. Barefoot Business will show you how big businesses deliver results, handle the small stuff and still stay in control. You’ll learn how companies like Porsche, McDonalds and Apple are able to run extremely efficient and profitable businesses, on what seems like auto-pilot, with staff far less ‘skilled’ or ‘qualified’ than you might expect. More importantly, you’ll learn how you can do it too! When you read this book, you will: • Discover the 3 Key Systems your business needs to succeed • Learn to build systems that run your business, allowing your staff to simply run the systems • Free yourself from the day-to-day, so you can focus on growing your business into a company • Increase productivity, profit and new business while reducing waste and cost • Be able to create an automated business, allowing you to focus on what really matters

  • ISBN: 9781781332580
  • Pages: 166
  • Published: June 2017
  • Price: £10.99

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