Author ModelToo many business or self-help books are me-too, run-of-the-mill, regurgitations of what’s already been said and done. It can be hard to find an original take, a clear niche in a market that already has a lot of experts. However, there is an approach that will ensure your book packs a punch and gets people to sit up and take notice. You can use this to devastating effect to create a book that attracts buzz, and positions you as an instant authority.

When you write a good book based on your skills, experience, knowledge and expertise, you are also safeguarding your intellectual property and staking a claim to your unique take on your industry. Here’s a way that helps you present your message in such a way that it’s original, memorable and valuable to your business.

A book can be used to solve many marketing challenges from generating leads, building credibility and providing publicity opportunities to converting more sales and delivering outstanding service. Knowing what you want your book to do for your business will ensure it’s a good tactical fit when it comes to business promotion.

The A.U.T.H.O.R. Model

When we coach individual authors or mentor groups through writing their business or self-help book, we use our A.U.T.H.O.R. model to help new authors focus on the most important aspects of their book. A.U.T.H.O.R. stands for:

A – Attention. How are you going to attract attention to your book, from your market, your readers and your industry? This is important when you work on defining your winning idea and creating a killer title and subtitle. It’s important to bear this in mind throughout the preparation and writing of your book, but we work on this particularly in the initial phase when we’re devising a killer title and subtitle.

U – Understanding. In order to write a business or self-help book, you must know well and empathise with the problems faced by your market, and the central questions that your potential readers are asking and demanding an answer to. If you can provide the solutions and answers in your book you have a captive audience, so getting clarity on this understanding is an essential step. The checklists and processes in our book How To Write Your Book Without The Fuss will help you analyse your understanding.

T – Trust. Your readers must believe that you have the authority and credibility to offer solutions that they can trust in. Your personal/professional story is a vital element in creating this trust, as are your credentials, qualifications, experience and proof of having delivered answers and solutions already. These need to show up in your Author Bio, your summary bio on the back cover, and you should thread your own story (failures as well as successes) throughout your book.

H – Help. This refers to the main body of your book – how you are able to help your readers solve their problems and answer their questions. Your book is their Help, and its clear structure, well developed content, logical and tested process is how they will get this from you. Don’t hold back on the value you deliver to your readers – if you do, they’ll feel it isn’t everything you could offer them.

O – Original. However great your material and method may be, if it’s the same as many others out there, your book will not stand out or show you to be an outstanding thought leader or authority in your field. It’s important to evaluate and refine what constitute the original elements of your content; turning them into unique models and frameworks defines and protects your intellectual property.

R – Reaction. When you are planning your book, writing your book, building pre-publication buzz for your book; when you are getting your book published, selling your published book, getting feedback from readers and wanting them to take action as a result of your book, you are looking for a strong reaction. Following the steps we take you through in our book will ensure that you get the reaction you want from writing your business and self-help book all the way along.

The Live A.U.T.H.O.R. Workshop Recordings

If you’d like us to show you how to drill down into planning your book, devising the title and ensuring it’s positioned to maximise your impact, influence and income, you can download front-row recordings of one of our A.U.T.H.O.R. workshops . We go through each step of the A.U.T.H.O.R. model for creating winning book ideas based on your expertise. You also get recordings of six follow-up coaching calls that walk you through your writing journey, printable workbooks and a paperback copy of our bestselling book.

Check out the recorded A.U.T.H.O.R. workshop course here.

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