Your Book Idea

Your Book Idea

The best books begin with a perfect plan.

New authors, and some experienced ones, can have difficulty getting their book (or indeed any professional writing job) written and completed. One of the main reasons is that they fail to see the writing process as a series of distinct steps which need to be taken in a specific order. They try to do too much at once, in the wrong order, mixing up tasks, and find themselves bogged down in a chaotic situation from which it can be difficult to emerge.

What too many would-be authors don’t realise is that the first essential step to writing a good book is to get your structure – essentially your contents page – solidly in place.

If you want to write a book that commands attention, makes an impact and increases your influence, you need a solid outline that will also enable you to write your book more quickly and easily because all your content is already mapped out in a logical and comprehensive way.

You should start by creating your Book Plan – a detailed chapter-by-chapter outline of your book which includes a consistent and repeatable format with all your section headings and estimated word count. Only when this is robust and complete can you start the “creative” writing process and get your words flowing out onto the page.

The three things you must have in place before you start writing your business or self-help book, and what we can help you get in a Rethink Press BookPlan one-to-one, full-day workshop, is:

  • A winning title, sub-title and premise for your book
  • A detailed and robust book plan setting out all the key information chapter-by-chapter
  • Clarity on your book’s business purpose, target readers, big promise and positioning

To achieve these goals, we work through four stages in a full-day BookPlan workshop.

  1. Define Your Book’s Purpose: During this part of the workshop you and your coach explore your target readers, their central question and the big promise your book needs to deliver on. When this is complete you will be clear on the book’s working title and sub-title as well as the book’s purpose, tone and core message.
  1. Extract Key Content: You and your coach then undertake rapid brainstorming based on your book’s core message to compile all the potential content for your book, including: processes, strategies and models; tools and tips; stories, anecdotes and case studies.
  1. Refine and Sort Content: Now you can review your detailed content and sort it into overarching categories that form the basis of your book’s chapters. Your coach employs a variety of creative techniques to ensure your structure is robust and complete.
  1. Formalise The Book Structure: To finish the process, you and your coach create a detailed BookPlan to include headings for all essential content and ensure good flow and rhythm to each chapter. The BookPlan acts as your “write-by-numbers blueprint”, breaking the 30,000-word target into small chunks – the perfect starting point for getting the book written, whether you choose to do it yourself, get expert help from a BookBuddyTM, or get your book written by a BookSmithTM

Our BookPlan Content Intensive™ is a one-to-one, in-person workshop. Using Rethink Press’ AUTHOR ModelTM, you and your experienced writing coach collaborate to ensure your book becomes a valuable tool in raising your authority, visibility and reputation while transforming the lives of your readers.

You will also find more information about planning, writing and publishing your business or self-help book in our own book, How To Write Your Book Without The Fuss

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