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Don’t get scammed with writing or publishing your book

It seems like every time I look on Facebook there’s another “promoted post” or sidebar ad offering to help me write and/or publish my “bestselling” book. Targeted ads obviously target me, because as a writer and publisher I post about and look at book-related stuff....

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How should I publish my business or self-help book?

There are currently three clear paths to getting a business or self-help book published: Traditional/legacy publishing Self-publishing Hybrid/supported publishing Each option has its pros and cons – here’s a quick summary of each. You’ll find more detail in our...

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Why You Should Write Your Business Book With A Writing Coach

The first book I wrote was commissioned by a publisher. I was thrilled, of course. As a work-life balance expert I was very happy to hear that a publisher thought the subject, an emerging concept at the time, was one that merited a self-help book for individuals, as...

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Tips for Author Radio Interviews

Radio is a great place to start getting your book covered by the media. In the UK, local radio stations are usually keen to feature local authors, especially if your press release or initial contact with them makes them feel you have a good story to tell, interesting...

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Getting Book Reviews – Tips & Techniques

Good, honest, critical reviews are an essential marketing tool. They allow your readers to know what to expect, they give information about your book, they generate interest and discussion, they often link back to your website and/or purchase site, and they heavily...

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The 9 Most Important Pages For Your Author Website

The main place that people will find out about your book is online. Your online presence as an author can be seen in terms of a central hub with spokes leading out to as many other connections as possible. The hub is composed of two essential elements: your author...

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What Can A Published Book Do For Your Business?

We asked Leanne Spencer, author of Rise And Shine, recover from burnout and get back to your best, to tell us quickly what having her book written and published had done for her business. We expected two or three positives, but Leanne came back to us with a long list...

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Tips For Writing Content for Your Author Blog

There is so much potential in a blog and though customising and setting up a blog can at first seem daunting, it is easy to learn how to do things with the many free tutorials online. Before you start posting on a blog, you should spend some time reading other author...

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How To Write The Foreword To A Business/Self-Help Book

Often misunderstood, and sometimes misspelled (forward, foreward), the Foreword is a useful – though not essential – part of your business or self-help book. It sets the stage for you, the author, and if written by someone with a well-known or often-searched name, can...

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How To Write A Press Release – 4 Simple Steps

We usually ask our authors, before the launch of their book, to draft a press release so we can publicise their book in the way they want. Although we explain what a press release needs to contain, we often receive material that isn’t useable as a press release – from...

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Publish a book and become a Key Person of Influence

If you're going to take the plunge and write a book, rather than continuing to create content for free on blogs and social networks, you need to make the business case to yourself for putting in the time and effort. While I could list countless reasons why being a...

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